Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Staithes Bonnet Mk1

My first attempt at a traditional Staithes style bonnet is complete!! Quite pleased but might make the back sun-flap a little longer in another version. This is bigger than the old one I bought, but am still not sure it's as large or 'full' as some of the ones I've seen in other FMS photos.

Interesting side-point...there's a long running argument about whether the bonnet was tied under the chin or backwards to the nape of the neck. I've tied mine to the back which many say is how it was done...but you can clearly see in all the photos of Mrs Ann Scarth, as shown in this one here, that she always fastened her bonnet in a bow under her chin!

Mk1 making the first out of calico given to me by Maddi to work out how they are constructed...mine will have a bow...

basic shapes cut out...2 large 'D' shapes, one folded up to make a double layer through which channels are sewn to carry the cording, and a drawstring to form the shape. Along the back of the cording is a ruffled strip and a large decorative bow sewn onto the back.
I've chosen to hand sew the whole of this one as I was learning and trying things out all along, so needed to be able to adjust and unpick at times...but many of the bonnets were made partly on the sewing machine which would speed things up considerably! MkII will be.

...If I had a ribbon bow
To hide my hair
If I had a fancy sash
My own true love would find me fair...

Monday, 22 August 2016

Staithes Bonnets

My Staithes Bonnet making a new one now...