Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Charles the Curio Collector

This is Charles, the Curio Collector.
He is a 12th scale OOAK commissioned figure.

Charles is the fifth or sixth collector doll I've made now, but I especially love this one as he looks exactly like a dear old friend of mine named Charles who was an artist, a collector, a writer and passionate maker of potent cider. He would have found it very amusing this doll looked a bit like him I am sure!! 

I'm rather fond of these dolls which appear to be collecting things...or working in shops or studios with lots of bits and bobs gathered around them. It makes for a lovely display of little things you have gathered up over the years. My little scene contains a few pewter cast miniatures I have painted, but also has some tiny animal bones, jewellery, charms, things from Christmas crackers, cake decorations, and other random curiously shaped bits and pieces that look interesting.

The Horologist

The Horologist is the latest one of several watch-maker/clock-maker figures I have created. This one was commissioned, and is 12th scale ooak as usual, and is now off to his new home. 
I think he is my seventh one :o)