Tuesday, 13 October 2009

This week I have been mostly sculpting heads :0)

...the top 4 characters are to be part of a group, with possibly 2 other figures I've yet to model...the rather mournful face top left in the next picture is to be another version of the moustachioed guy...under mournful man is my first try at really mastering 24th scale...wow it's very small!! Not sure if it's right for me yet. The other 3 females in that line are destined to be historical characters I think, the middle one's another Elizabeth 1st, and maybe one might be another art-doll. The bottom ones are another witch who still needs finishing, and a lady with a gentle face with her hands who I have some ideas for but still not completely fixed yet.


  1. Eileen, how do manage to sculpt with nails as long as that? I have to cut mine LOL
    Cant wait to see your finished goodies. 1/24th is a pig, its really hard to do the detail, he looks good so far.
    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  2. ROFL!! I use tools now, but they used to have to be short when I was teaching and working much bigger as I smoothed a lot with my fingers then. I do sometimes have accidents...sliced off someone's nose once with a long fingernail...a doll I mean of course not a real person!! LOL :0) XXX