Sunday, 9 May 2010

Miniature Painting

I have started a few new figures this week...but have had a little diversion into miniature painting today..... and have found I enjoyed it very you may see another now and then! As you probably know I trained as a painter so it's not too much of a departure...except you could fit 315 of these into one of my old landscapes hanging at the top of our stairs :0)


  1. What a lovely painting, I can't believe it's in miniature!
    Emma x

  2. Ooh Eileen this is absiolutely lovely,you should definitely do more ! I love that its somewhere I recognise too,
    julie xxx

  3. Eileen its lovely, Julies spot should def do more.
    Want to wish you all the best with the Etsy shop too.

  4. Eileen its fantastic. I love it. All the best with your Etsy shop too xxxxx

  5. Gorgeous Eileen you are a very talented lady,

  6. I knew you were a woman of many talents & could paint really well, but WOW for doing it even better in miniature! and yep, I'm getting on the agree-ing bus, you should definitely do more. x

  7. Awe thank you xxx
    It was a little thankyou for a kind gift from a friend...June who many of you know well...and it seems it's a significant view for her, by happy chance, so I am delighted!! :0)