Monday, 19 July 2010

Lobster Quadrille

See how eagerly the lobsters
and the turtles all advance...
They are waiting on the shingle...
...Will you come and join the dance.

Will you, won't you...
Will you, won't you...
Will you won't you join the dance?


  1. YAY Eileen and well worth the wait. WTG shes wonderful.

    LOrra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Absolutely fabulous Eileen ! well worth the wait :0)
    I love her face,her pose,her shell, everything about her !
    julie xxx

  3. She is just magnificent Eileen!! Love Jain xx

  4. Wonderful Eileen she's fantastic,
    Mary x

  5. Beautiful and strange all wrapped up in one! I love her!

  6. WOW Eileen, she's quite a work of art (never thought Id say that about a lobster LOL) absolutely stunning! you like a challenge dont you?!! can see you've put tons of work in this as well as your heart & soul xxx

  7. Thanks!! :0)
    Yes I've loved doing this one...Ara beautiful and strange is just what I was hoping for, so that's wonderful! I'm going maybe to try beautiful and slightly disturbing soon.... hopefully.... ROFL! I love these bizarre ones as they allow such a lot of freedom. :0)