Friday, 3 March 2017

Urnes bodice

Completed my Urnes Dragon-Serpent bodice
...mixed feelings on it.
It ended up being something of a nightmare to work...the fabric I chose to use ( it was some old canvas-denim style material I've had knocking about for a long time) was way too thick and stiff to get a needle through for hand sewing, let alone detailed embroidery. I ended up having to leave the design as a very simple outline as I almost punctured my thimble many times even to do this much on there. Then the clasps I had originally found were out of stock, so I had to use these reproduction ones...although by the time I got to that stage I was rather disheartened !! fits well, and I still like the design...and I think with the kind of skirt and blouse shown top right it will suggest the folk costume reasonably well :o)

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