Monday, 20 April 2009

This is Bruce Wayne from Batman Begins...I've shown him at the end of the film standing in the ashes of his house with the stethascope at his feet which he is about to discover. He was made specially for a commission. I liked this part of the film, a little sad thinking of what had gone, yet hopeful too, planning a new future.


  1. You are so clever, Eileen.
    I tried to make a doll once - it looked like something from a Horror movie - I have so much respect for the dollmaking talent.

  2. You have done a superb job with him Eileen, its strange when they go, you sort of feel lost for a while, then get stuck into a new project and that takes over then. Speaking of new projects, what are you working on now?

    Debie xxx

  3. Thanks Mags! You're very kind, and I'm sure they didn't! lol....Hi Debie, I didn't feel so sad about letting him go, even though I liked him, as he was never mine if you know what I mean...he was always for someone else.
    At the moment I'm working on trying to spring clean my workroom which had got into a terrible mess....hopefully then I might start off again, I've a few ides in the pipeline!