Thursday, 4 June 2009

Henry VIII

Well he is 99% completed now...still want to work a little more on his necklace thing as it's not splendid enough, and looks a bit like a row of tiny jam tarts to me now!! Been really struggling with the faux fur...very's been off twice as it was too bulky but I shaved the pile a bit and so he's not so bad now.
I wonder if maybe now his codpiece is too small...but with it being white it's already eye catching so will leave it. ;0)
Pleased with the gloves and sword and the way the hands are working, and his has the decorations but they're not showing too much in this picture.


  1. He's looking Great Eileen. So much work in him. Jain x x x

  2. Once again Eileen you surpass yourself and produce yet another unique and special work of art.
    Debie xxx

  3. Elieen I have said it already but ill say it again....Fantastic:O)

  4. He looks brilliant Eileen, lovely work !
    I too have been battling with faux fur for a commission piece of the lord mayor of york. It has had me demented so I do feel for you !!
    Have just been admiring yours though :0)
    julie xxx