Sunday, 7 June 2009

Started some new pieces

Made a start of 3 new pieces...
2 fantasy creations based on wasps (!)
and another based on the work of Klimt...oh I love him!!
This is based on the one of Emilie Floge with the gorgeous blue swirling fabric which I've started to recreate on some pale blue silk. I also have the head and upper body sculpted this time as the dress is a bit cut away at the front. There's a huge patterned disc behind her in the painting which I think is part of the background rather than a bizarre collar! You can never be too may have to do some sort of backdrop??


  1. oooh! Can't wait to see this one either! Vicky x

  2. Wow Eileen ! this fabric looks amazing, I cant wait to see how it tirns out. I agree you should make some form of backdrop for her :0)
    Lovely sculpt too, your work always inspires me , I'm dressing laurel and hardy right now in dirty overalls and seeing this has made me long for colour !
    julie xxx

  3. I'm finding ever more wonderful pieces you have made, that I have not seen before, like Ophelia. I think I need to search far more deeply into all my friends blogs

  4. Looking forward to seeing this finished and it is already looking very inspirational!

  5. Thanks!! I loved doing the fabric, always a real treat for me! Haven't got much further yet with her as I've been doing the waspies...too much on the go at once! :0)