Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Making an Exhibition of myself !

Hello....today 2 lovely things to announce!
Firstly the new AIM magazine for december is out, and I am thrilled to say that I have a doll on the cover, my Scrooge, and there is a feature on me inside and lots more pictures of my figures. I'm extremely honoured, and grateful to all the magazine team for this wonderful opportunity!
AIM also have joined blogland so to follow there: http://artisansinminiature.blogspot.com/
The second thing is a little exhibition of my work in Brackley Library. This will be open throughout december, with closures around christmas, so if by some strange coincidence you happen to find yourself in South Northamptonshire this month, you could see some figures 'in the flesh' LOL


  1. Wow!! Congrats on all the honors! And thanks for the link! I will have to go through it on my lunch break! Oh how I wish I could tour that exhibit! Hugs- ara

  2. Well done you (((((((((((()))))))))))), had a quick peep and it looks fab but im going to wait till i have a cupa and some quite time to have a proper look tomo.
    Like Ara, i wish i could get a peep at that exhibit......any chance of some pics....pretty please with a huge cherry on top!!!
    luv n hugs

  3. I forgot to take any pictures when I put it up in the library...you know me, couldn't wait to scuttle away!!
    I will try to remember when I go to take it all down. I should go over and check it's all still OK and they've not fallen over and are all showing their knickers!! LOL