Friday, 18 December 2009

Pet Feeds and stock for Peacock's Pet Shop!

I have had great fun today creating some 'stock' for my daughter's little pet shop to go with the figures. I'm pleased with the dog leads, the hay bales and the fish holiday feeding blocks made from bits of eraser! I have been making some shelving and wall hanging 'hooks' etc to put it all on display so she can just stick them to the walls of the shop. I'm hoping this will inspire her to make some more things herself...those lovely little bone shaped chews in fimo for example I might just mention, and see what happens....


  1. This all looks positively fandabidozi eileen !
    its all very realistic and such a good selection,i love the hay too and , well, just everything really . This would be any little girls dream to wake up to on xmas morning :0)
    julie xxx

  2. Thanks Julie! I've been enjoying making them all...there's also a couple of display stands and 8 pet snuggle beds keeps on growing! LOL
    Eileen XXX

  3. Oh thats so clever....i think i said this on Julies blog but the whole idea of more than just a doll is mind boggling........ how you get and put all together is amazing.............I know one little girl who is going to be thrilled, i know i would .....and im not so little :O)
    oh we have snow.....yay.....sorry being random here!!

  4. Thanks Jak! BTW if you see this, just a little grovel incase you have emailed me big computer has fried itself and is deaded so I'm temporarily on the laptop so all a bit awkward, hope to be back up running properly soon! LOL