Thursday, 17 December 2009

'Real' toys for a change!

A couple of figures...Mr and Mrs Peacock who will live above the shop and run Peacock's daughter's doll house creation! They have (mostly) removable clothing which has been a new challenge, and so have got to be a bit broad about their middles with all that spare material in the extra seams, elastic etc...but never mind ;0)
They have aprons for the kitchen and shop, and some of their clothes come off so they look like they have nightwear for bedtime...just looking at him now his head looks a bit chilly so I think I will make him a nightcap too LOL
Well they are for Christmas so shhhhh!!
Happy Christmas everyone! XXXXX


  1. Oh how wonderful Eileen !!! kitty is going to just love these two, they are so kindly and huggable :0) perfect pet shop owners .
    Hope you have a wonderful xmas and lots of fun settling these two into their miniature abode :0)
    julie xxx

  2. Do you know they remind me of someone and I can't think who...julies right they are wonderful and very huggable. Its great when the clothes come off....dolls im talking about here.....sorry Frankie Howard moment there....oh oh you should make Frankie theres a great face!!!
    Lovely idea to make one of Kittys gifts too.
    mini hugs for a wonderful christmas

  3. Thanks Julie and Julie XXX
    I always try to make something for her for christmas as I have such lovely memories of getting handmade gifts when I was little :0)

    I like Frankie Howard...Up the Forum or whatever it then the whole of the Carry On team...there would be a grand set of figures...all those wrinkles on Syd James ROFL!!