Sunday, 3 October 2010

Dionysus...the Green Man

I love stories about the green man...found in so many myths legends and other he is as Dionysus the god of wine and grapes...

...he is the dying and returning god...of fertility, sensuous abandon and the freeing of the mind through ecstacy....part of the eternal cycle of life death and rebirth....
" ...I am born in the dark...
...I shine with the sun...
....I burn with desire...
...I have paid for your pleasure"
( william anderson 'the green man')


  1. He was also known as Baccus by the Romans, he was known as the god of frenzy cause they would drink wine and go wild

    *you can find a better definition on the web I'm just taking artistic liberties with that definition*

    all in all he was a pretty wild guy are you thinking about making him a sculpt?

    Marisa :)

  2. I am Marisa! I like the 'green' verdant potency in Nature like this...not thinking of doing Bacchus/Dionysus specifically but something generally with that feel. This was based on a rather beautiful friend of mine who was a gardener, and I used to visit him at work in his greenhouses full of flowers and fruit etc ;0) it seemed like everywhere he went things just burst into life...he was a really sensual young man, but a much more gentle spirit than Dionysus!