Saturday, 30 October 2010

Drawing Jimi

I started a drawing of Jimi Hendrix about a week ago... and I took him on holiday this week and have been working on the face...this is another wip as a few folks have asked me how he was going ;0) It's really quite a simple pencil study...about 90cm make me really look carefully at his face...he's another figure I am just aching to make soon :0)


  1. Thanks Evan...still uncertain about what to do in the background...was going to be writing, but keep having doubts ;0)

  2. Wow! You've caught such expression in the eyes,
    Eileen - love it! A 'wall' of writing would be a pretty dramatic background.

  3. Thanks Robin...I'm still not TOO sure on the background, but I think it might be ok, will let it alone and see how it grows on me ;0)...the writing's really big, and painted white onto white so you can see it if you are quite close to the drawing but not from further away where it just has a sort of