Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Venus in Furs

A drawing using the song by the velvet underground 'Venus in Furs' as a starting point...although this is not Severin and Wanda...this is perhaps more likely the Unknown Man from the original book... I wanted the image to say something about strength in vulnerability, trust and intimate love....amongst other things...


  1. I am tired...I am weary
    I could sleep for a thousand years
    A thousand dreams that would awake me
    Different colours made of tears

  2. that would make one awesome doll

  3. Fantastic drawing - it would be an awesome doll!

  4. Thanks Robin! Hope you are ok...;0)
    Yes...I would love to bring some 'darker' elements into the dolls...this is partly what I am up to...maybe I will try some time soon!!
    I've not done much drawing for so long with the little figures taking all my time...but I'm really enjoying it again ... ;0)